Customer Agreement/Disclosure of Risk

The signatory (hence known as "User") accepts, comprehends, and acknowledges the following in exchange for MitroTrade, consenting to proceed into a trade or transaction with the supposed User.

  1. Investment and trading are extremely volatile and risky. Foreign currency trading and spot trading are also both entirely unpredictable, and they should only be undertaken by users who: comprehend and thus are prepared to accept the financial, constitutional, as well as other associated risks; are financially capable of absorbing losses that are considerably greater than margin or deposits.
  2. The user affirms, permits, as well as accepts that he/she is conscious of the risks; that the user is eager and prepared, both monetarily and otherwise, to know the risks associated with foreign currency trading and spot trading; and also, that the user's deficit of the actual outstanding account balance will not cause the user to alter his or her livelihood.
  3. The user hereby gives BOT permission to manage the allocated funds in the user's accounts with Safetrust Innovations through trading (including buy and sell) of the user's account and any other pertinent activities that are considered important. The user consented to providing BOT permission to trade in foreign currency, cryptocurrency, as well as other financial products offered on the platform of Safetrust Innovations. Leverage trading is also authorized.
  4. The user acknowledges that trading on leverage entails risk, and Safetrust Innovations will not be held accountable for any losses resulting from such trading.
  5. Users agree to bear the risk associated with trading any financial instruments on the platform because trading is incredibly risky. Any statement or warranty provided by the BOT to consumers, including but not restricted to the financial products, risk, techniques, experience, etc., will not be held liable by Safetrust Innovations. The user expressly or implicitly agreed to take any risk connected with engaging in the agreement with the agent by acknowledging that the BOT had given equal and complete information and also that the user had read all the disclosure papers and written statement.
  6. Absorbing rapid losses. As a result of price swings in both forex and cryptocurrency market contracts, high leverage and low margin involved in the financial market lead to large losses.
  7. Prices determined by MitroTrade may vary elsewhere in terms of pricing, margins, and values. The calculation of the necessary margins and the evaluation of client holdings would be handled by MitroTrade. Despite MitroTrade presuming that such pricing would be similar to those offered in the financial markets, pricing may differ from that offered within the interbank market. When determining and obtaining margin, MitroTrade uses in-depth discretion.
  8. A single click and immediate execution. Once a user inputs the amount and "funds bot," MitroTrade' fully automated robotics and expert systems will execute trades for the user accordingly. Once the bot is activated, this process cannot be reversed. Hence, users are to ensure they subscribe to the right BOT. Users acknowledge that by utilizing the expert system provided by MitroTrade, users are consenting to the AI trading system and accepting the risk associated with this feature.
  9. All market suggestions made by MitroTrade do not represent an opportunity to trade any foreign currency or cross-currency, nor do they represent a referral of an offer to do so. Every choice a user makes regarding whether or not to engage in a contract or even other transactions with MitroTrade, as well as whether or not that contract or perhaps other transaction is acceptable or suitable for the user, is a separate choice made by the user. MitroTrade is also not working in the capacity of a user's adviser. MitroTrade has no contractual obligation to you and disclaims all liabilities, alleged damages, charges, and expenditures, such as public defender’s fees, linked to your willingness to join MitroTrade BOT trading and information or to take or refrain from taking financial decisions based on MitroTrade advice or information.
  10. The opinions of MitroTrade serve as the sole basis for all trading suggestions. This market advice may not always align with MitroTrade, its subsidiaries, and staff aims or market positions. Although MitroTrade bases its market suggestions on data believed to be reputable.
  11. Online trading/Copy trading MitroTrade has no control over the signal's strength, its communication over the Internet, its tracking, the setup of the user's equipment, or the dependability of its linkage. MCAM disclaims all responsibility for any claims, damages, charges, or expenditures, which include legal expenses, resulting directly or indirectly from any copying of trade, transfer, or communication breakdown or failure.

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